Sessão preparatória – Bootcamp

Vamos oferecer uma sessão preparatória nesta quinta-feira 1º de dezembro, às 14h até 16h, tanto online como no Lab.Rio no Palácio da Cidade – Rua São Clemente 360, Botafogo.

Aqui você pode ver a apresentação compartilhada.

O “bootcamp” é uma sessão preparatória para a sessão exploratória Alerta Zika! no qual os participantes vão aprender em detalhe os desafios, dados e resultados esperados. Nesta sessão, os participantes irão aprender sobre os objetivos do evento, a motivação dos organizadores e outros participantes, o problema de Zika e os dados disponíveis.

No final da sessão, todos os times devem se registrar com um nome e uma breve descrição de seu projeto preliminar na página Hackdash.

Sessão exploratória de dados

A sessão exploratória terá lugar no Lab.Rio no Palácio da Cidade – Rua São Clemente 360, Botafogo. O objetivo da sessão exploratória é proporcionar aos participantes tempo dedicado exclusivamente à análise dos dados.

Sexta-feira 02 de Dezembro

Lugar: no Palácio da Cidade – Rua São Clemente 360, Botafogo.

Facilitators should arrive at Lab Rio at 16:30h.

Registration (17:00-17:30)

Participants will arrive, confirm their registration, and be welcomed by the facilitators.

Welcome messages  (17:30-17:45)

Antonio Moneo will briefly introduce the event and welcome participants, before passing the floor to Renato Rocha (FGV), Rafael Nasser (PUC-Rio) and Alexandra Witte (Estácio) to introduce what their universities are doing in the field of Big Data and Epidemiology.

Keynote presentation (17:45-18:00)

Our Keynote Speaker Francisco Araujo will inspire us with his presentation of the main features of AIME.LIFE’s algorithm that predicts cases of Zika. This predictive model was tested in two different cities with an 88% precision rate.

Presentation of the methodology and datasets available (18:00-18:30)

After the keynote presentations are finished, Jose Luis Delgado (IDB) will explain the four sprints comprising the event and the milestones for each. Then he and Flavio Coelho (FGV) will then present the data made available for this event.

Networking and team building (18:30-19:00)

To finalize the session, participants will have time to get to know each other and form teams. By 20:00h, everybody should be part of a team and should have their project registered in HackDash.

First Collaborative Sprint (19:00-20:00)

This sprint is about defining the scope of the projects, and the tools and the datasets needed. Before programming anything, describe your thesis and what are the main variables that you would like to explore. Identify the relevant datasets. What are the most probable outcomes?

Second Collaborative Sprint (20:00-23:00)

This sprint is about selecting the variables that will be used to put the algorithm to work. Depending on your field of expertise, please help participants understand what key variables should be considered. Invite them to think big and use as many resources as they need: Twitter? Yeah!, Foursquare? Why not?! You can guide them through this process using this guide!

Sábado 03 de Dezembro

Lugar: no Palácio da Cidade – Rua São Clemente 360, Botafogo.

The second day is about developing the algorithms and visualizations, step by step.

Welcome Coffee (9:00-9:30)

Please arrive at Lab.Rio by 9h. We will be ready by 9:00 and welcoming participants until 9:30.

Keynote presentation (9:30-9:45)

Our Keynote Speaker Gilberto Reis from Carto will provide the day’s inspiration with a presentation on location intelligence.

Second Collaborative Sprint (Wrap-up) (9:45-10:30)

This time will allow participants to refresh on their work from the night before related to selecting the variables that will be used to put the algorithm to work.

Third Collaborative Sprint (10:30 – 15:30)

The third sprint is about developing the predictive model. This is the most technical part of the event. Help participants consider the different alternatives to produce their analysis and evaluate the results.

Fourth Collaborative Sprint (15:30 – 17:30)

The final sprint should be for uploading the project’s information onto HackDash. Please make sure that the teams are uploading as much information as possible, as we will use this information to evaluate the projects.

Project presentations (17:30-18:30)

Projects will have five minutes to present their findings. You will listen to them and take notes. The jury may ask each team a maximum of two questions.

Winner selection (18:30-19:00h)

The jury will meet for thirty minutes to decide the best three projects and will select a winner among those three. The winner will be invited to participate in Aula BID, on Monday morning. The three awarded teams will be invited to come to Washington DC in early February to present the results of the event at the IDB Headquarters. While the jury is meeting, participants are free to network or rest.

Winner Announcement and Closing Ceremony (19:00-20:00h)

The jury will announce the winners! We will thank everyone for their hard work and invite them to continue collaborating.